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Sustain Nutrition is an ethical, unified voice creating optimism & wellbeing. They are an exclusively online business providing daily nutritional coaching, workout guides and bespoke meal plans.

StudioLRJ partnered with Sustain to create a free fat loss guide tailored to three different "personas".

Art Direction

Graphic Design

The Personas

After doing initial research it was apparent that Sustain Nutritions customer base was extremely varied, in order to communicate to all the personas we decided it would be best to produce three seperate guides covering a multitude of personas.

Persona 1

Trains a lot

Jane is young, attractive and loves the gym. But something is missing. She thinks she knows what to do to hold her shape but can't get to the next level. Jane has tried competitors but could not sustain the plans they had created. She needs guidance to push her physique to be in the best shape of her life. Jane goes to the gym and does classes, eats healthy foods and follows Instagram girls online.

Jane needs:
To understand her macros better.
Establish where she is going wrong with here diet.
Workout ideas similair to her favourite Instagram girls.
Body goal pictures to aspire to.

Targets and goals to Hit.

Jane's attributes
Doesn't need much day to day support

Posts her progress pics on social media

Frequent user of social media via her smart phone and tablet


Decision criteria

Needs to know what will push her to the next level.

Persona 2

Eats too much

Becky, like Jane, is young but this is where the comparison ends. Becky lacks confidence, in her private life and the gym, if she goes. She is reluctant to train, doesn't enjoy it but is still keen to see physical changes. She would much rather go for a drink in the pub than go for a run. She still follows the same people online as Jane but more out of dreams than realistic goals or comparisons.

Becky needs:
To understand how much to eat and when

what snacks she can have.

Beginner and home workouts with no extra equipment.

Testimonials and results of similar people.

Expected timescale for results.

Having a PT experience without needing to go to the gym.


Becky's attributes
Needs regular feedback and motivation.

Reads blogs about healthy eating.
Watches videos for making baked treats.

Motivated by seeing results.

Uses social media via her smart phone & tablet.


Decision Criteria
Needs a plan that will get results at her own pace.

Persona 3

Travels a lot

Julie is concerned about how she looks. Particularly in tight fitting clothes and in a bikini on holiday. She trains and follows those who do on social media but with less dedication than Jane. She thinks she knows what she eats but struggles to fit this in around her lifestyle. Her added motivation is her wedding in 6 months. Julie's training is sporadic and she travels a lot which means eating out instead of cooking a few nights per week.

Julie needs:
Healthy meal ideas for at home work when she's out.

A flexible fitness plan that is easy to stick to.
Short and effective workouts.
An easy way to do portion control.
Specific goals - Bikini body ready.

Julie's attributes
Doesn't want to weigh food.

Only uses social media when she has time.

Owns a smart phone, laptop and always has access to wifi.
Prefers email as a comms tool.

Decision criteria

Needs a flexible food plan that is easy to follow but will still get her ready for her wedding and honeymoon.

Persona 4

Busy mother
Lacks motivation

Sarah has 2 children but she is desperate to not stand out, where Julie wants to be seen. Sarah wears baggy clothes, lacks confidence and has been overweight for some time. She has tried many diets, if not every diet going and can't find the motivation to see them through. She wants to make big changes to her life and show the right example to her children but is yet to find the right system for her.

Sarah needs:
An alternate to dieting.
Lifestyle changes instead of an intense plan.
A plan that is simple & easy to stick to.
Healthy weight loss plan that allows her favourite foods.
Motivational stories and testimonials to inspire her.

Sarah's attributes
Fed up of diets.
Not a member of a gym.

Needs regular feedback and motivation.
Uses social media, but mainly Linkedin & Facebook.


Decision criteria:
Needs to know that it isn't another fad diet and will help her make a lasting change.

Persona 5


Health conscious

Jessica has 3 adult children and more time to focus on herself. She enjoys running and cooking but her number 1 concern now is more focused around her health and being able to continue living her life to its fullest. She has vaguely followed some diets but doesn't know how to eat properly, despite looking like she does.

Jessica needs:
Educational information on nutrition.
To know if she is feeding her family the right things.
Healthy recipe ideas.
To know what to eat to recover properly from running.
Blogs on healthy lifestyles.

Jessica's attributes
Is considering signing up for 10k fun run.
Likes to download e-books/Pdfs to read later.

Owns a smart phone and has access to 3g and
wi-f i, but does not use social media.


Decision criteria:

Needs to know that the content is accurate and useful.

Persona 6

Serial dieter

Tracy, has been overweight her whole life and has done every diet going. Twice. She is still struggling to see any changes, or at least any changes that last. Her children caused her to gain weight and she has never managed to lose it. She dislikes exercise and often eats out of convenience rather than looking to cook from fresh. Lack of time is her biggest issue and she is easily swayed.

Tracy needs:
Healthy food that is quick and convenient.
A way to stick to her new eating plan.

To fit changes into her existing routine.
To know which foods she should def initely avoid.

Tracy's attributes
Wears a Fitbit.
Often skips breakfast.

Buys a meal deal from the supermarket to save time.

Uses Facebook on her smart phone & laptop.


Decision Criteria:

Needs to know that she can do this without committing to much extra time.

Persona 7


Ready to change

John has been overweight the majority of his life, he dislikes the way he looks and feels. He is well aware he is going wrong but struggles to adhere to the changes he knows he needs to be made. He is self conscious in the gym but is willing to go, although he isn't really sure what to do and just spends most of the time on the exercise bike.

John needs:
Someone to give him the push to maintain his plan.

Feedback that he is doing the right thing.
Clear plan of what to eat in order to lose weight.
Nutrition advice.
Videos and instructions of how to perform exercises.

John's attributes:
Goes to the gym once or twice a month.

Spends his evenings watching Tv.
Used to play football in his early 20's.
Uses his smart phone and laptop to regularly check his Facebook.


Decision Criteria:
Needs a detailed plan that shows him exactly what to do and when to do it.

Persona 8


Thin to average
Getting ready for summer

Andrew wants to be bigger and leaner. Either because he is very slight or because he has some bulk and wants to be '6 pack' lean. He has a holiday booked with his friends in summer and he wants to look and feel good. He wants to follow social media and could realistically get to this point with some serious work.

Andrew needs:
To know what to eat to build lean muscle and to lose stomach fat.
Nutrition advice for post workouts.
To know if he should be taking any other supplements.

A workout plan that can be modif ied as he progresses.
Testimonials of similar transformations and results.

Andrews attributes:

Has some free weights at home.
Occasionally uses fitness apps that he has on his phone.
Uses his smart phone to regularly update his Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

Decision criteria:

Needs to feel that it is value for money.

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