INDFRNT are a fitness & lifestyle apparel brand
co-founded in 2015 by Jordan Kirkbride and Zach Thomas.

After working with both Jordan and Zach on seperate projects, they came to us with the task of creating a brand identity that stood out from competitors and unlike most of their competitors, would not require change.

Art Direction
Apparel Design
Graphic Design

The Logo

After several different logos where produced and presented, we agreed on using a simple word mark, with an underlining statement on the 'IND', this draws specific attention to the backwards D and emphasises the 'against the grain nature behind the brand.

The Founding Five Hundred

The guys tasked us with creating a limited edition promotional T-shirt for the first 500 people to invest in the brand. The founding five hundred would become part of an exclusive community that would then get early access to online sales, new releases & other exclusive content.


After the success of the founding five hundred range we were given the task of creating some publications that would sit in retailers stores advertising and promoting the brand.

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